Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blue skies, smiling at me

I have been enjoying kvetching because of the heat but it is time to break for good news. Here is something you can do really fast and it is fun. List 10 things that you are happy about. But you must do it fast! Set an egg timer or something.


1. My checks arrived from M&T. After only maybe five business days! Miracles happen.

2. I have been in touch with this pianist who is planning to perform Leonard Pennario's "Midnight on the Cliffs" -- with orchestra! This is a major and challenging endeavor but I am doing what I can to help and I think he just might be able to pull it off. And not to give anything away just yet, but the performance is to be at a very nice venue. It is far but I will go. This is the greatest! I love when people love Leonard.

3. I hear that Mark Goldman's Black Rock bar is now open and has a fine selection of beers.

4. Most days this week I have been up before 7 a.m. Also I think I said the Rosary every day and it is not every week, trust me, that I can say that. And thirdly, I filled out my Lose It! app.

5. The publishing world is changing rapidly and it is all tremendously exciting. We live in an era of great writers of whom I am one.

6. I have this fab new Zumba bracelet. I have been wearing it to work every day.

7. I went to the Clinton-Bailey Market for the first time this year and the farmers said they missed me!

8. Four words, Jazz at the Albright.

9. My friend Gary is having a party.

10. I hear the chickadee.

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