Friday, July 22, 2011

Letter from the dark side

It is hot so we can continue to kvetch.

Yesterday I get a letter in the snail mail from the New York State Senate.

"Dear Ms. Kunz," it begins.

"You deserve a representative that takes your concerns directly to the State Capitol. This is what I have worked hard to do ..." 

It is from Senator Mark Grisanti.

Can you believe it??? 

Here is a snapshot Howard took of me reading Mark Grisanti's letter in disbelief.

First of all as a may I point out his odd grammar. Under normal circumstances it would be "who" and not "that." A representative is supposedly a person. A person is "who." "A representative who takes your concerns."

But whatever. Mark Grisanti is something less than a person anyway so in this case his grammar might be correct.

He wants to take my concerns to Albany. Please! 

He will have his little joke.

Whatever you think on whatever issue there is something about Mark Grisanti that everyone can share an across-the-board laugh about. He kept going on along the lines of "I am doing research." "I searched my soul." "I have been thinking." 

As if he had been elected because he was some kind of great...

... thinker.

Mr. Grisanti, we did not hire you with the misunderstanding that you were some brilliant mind like Aristotle or Plato, both pictured here ...

....or Leonardo da Vinci ....

You are, for your information, the guy on the next bar stool. We hired you because of how you said you would vote on certain things. That is how, ahem, democracy works. Then you go and flip after meeting with the big guy a couple of times, and maybe getting the airport or something named after you, who knows. 

Then -- just as I was beginning to forget about this, you know? after all, what's one more crooked politician? -- he has to rub it in by writing me this letter.  "Historic." "Transparent." "Nuanced." OK, I did not exactly see "nuanced" but you know it is in there somewhere.

The little weed winds up the letter by saying, "Please stop by my office and let me know what is on your mind."

A little late for that, honey.

Do not write to me again.

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