Monday, July 25, 2011

Joke! Joke!

Here is a joke. Bear with me. My brother George is always saying how much he hates "prepared jokes" and normally I agree. But still.

I heard this joke the other day and cannot stop laughing about it.

An old woman is sitting on the porch drinking a glass of wine with her husband. They are there for a long time, a-sittin' and a-rockin'.

And finally the old woman says:

"I think it's time I told you, I love you, and I cannot live without you."

The husband says:

"Is that you talking, or is it the wine?"

His wife says:

"It's me talking -- and I'm talking to the wine."


Is that me in 100 years or what?

Heck, is that me right now?

You would never believe where I got this joke.

It was in our church bulletin! It had the title "Lasting Companionship."

I have told the joke to about a dozen people and all of them, when they pick themselves up off the floor, say: "That was in your church bulletin?"

Yes indeedy! Unfortunately I happened to glance at it during Mass and that was the end of my concentration.

A toast to St. Anthony of Padua Church, always cool because it was the home church of Leonard Pennario.

Even cooler now that it has printed this joke in the bulletin.

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