Friday, March 4, 2011

Chick, chick, chickadee

Listening to what I now know is the mating call of the chickadee, I wonder...

So how does this work? The girl chickadee puts out this call, tweet tweet, tweet tweet ... Which translates to, "Come to me, my little chickadee." You can here that in the link above. It was sent to me by that incurable romantic, Prof. G.

The girl chickadee tweets that call and somewhere a guy chickadee raises his head. To him it is the sweetest sound! It is the way Pennario playing a Chopin waltz might be to me or you.

The guy chickadee says, "Hmmm.

"That is the call of the female chickadee. I will go to her."

Now here is what I am really wondering.

When the guy chickadee flies to the girl chickadee, does he ever turn back once he sees her?

Are they bedeviled as humans are by this thing called chemistry? Does he ever look at the girl chickadee and tweet to himself that she is not his type?

Perhaps she is too plump. Or too scrawny. Or, I don't know, something about the beak...

"It's not you, it's me." That is what the male chickadee would say as he flies away.

Ay yi yi. Too much time by myself yesterday.

I need to get out of the house!


Prof. G said...

Has anyone set "It's not you, it's me" to music? Seems like it might make a nice birdcall. I think that what Mark Twain used to call "the higher animals" have mating better worked out. It's possible that the human life form is too complicated and that Darwin had it backward; life forms perfected by simplifying to the amoeba! Think about it - no harm to the environment, no divorces, no wars...

Cathybytheriver said...

Hey, Mary, Get out of the house-check out the estate sale at 26 Soldier's Place-it 's on through Sunday. DH & I went on Thursday-tons of stuff. I picked up vintage linen dish towels-my obsession. I'm going back on Sunday-pricey stuff will be 1/2 price then. I miss you on Twitter but found your blog. Love yor stories. Cathybytheriver