Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Christmas tree struggle

Today is only the first day of Advent and I am fighting the pull to put up my Christmas tree. Because it is the silver tree that Howard gave to me, it is here and it is in the basement and it is crying to get out.

I tell the tree, "No."

I remind the tree I am immersed in my Leonard Pennario scholarship.

Finally I lecture the tree that Advent is, ahem, a time of preparation and penance. The priest wears violet the way he does in Lent. That is why we are not supposed to put up trees very early.

But still.

As the song goes, it can't be wrong, if it feels so right!

Last year it did not go up until Christmas Eve, remember?

Surely this year I can cut myself a little slack.

I am in the yuletide spirit what with the thrilling readings this morning about casting off the darkness and putting on the garments of light. The night is past and the day is here. To top it off Dorothy, my 90-something friend I pick up and take to church, gave me a beautiful red and white striped scarf to wear. I believe this one is on loan but she is making me one for my own.

So that was a cool yule surprise! And this happened too, a dear friend gave me out of the blue an assortment of beautiful Christmas cards. That was funny because I am actually planning on sending out some Christmas cards this year. Plus, another fine gentleman we know gave Howard and me a basket full of hand bells. That was funny because a few friends and I are getting a group together to go Christmas caroling.

This season is sure shaping up to be merry and bright!

Is it any wonder I can't wait to put up the tree?

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