Wednesday, December 19, 2012

O Christmas Tree, Fake Christmas Tree

Remember all my Sturm und Drang last year, and the year before, about getting a real Christmas tree?

This year I am, ahem, branching out.

Howard has an aluminum tree down at Big Blue and he is bringing it home so I can put it up. It is a Martha Stewart aluminum tree that he bought under my influence a few years ago so we could put it in the window of Big Blue and make it look occupied. That was in Big Blue's dark days.

I am not going to miss paying what, $50? for my real tree. Also there is the mourning when it goes out the door, its needles still miraculously clinging to its branches. I will not miss that either!

What I will miss is tormenting the guys at that Kenmore Avenue nursery where I usually get my tree. They are such grinches and I love annoying them. While they are grouchily showing me different trees I am skipping around singing carols and stuff. And when I leave I always sing out ...

Oh well. Sacrifices must be made.

What pushed me toward my decision this year was that I am afraid I do not have a decent Christmas tree stand. That has been a problem every year! I mean, just read back on these other Christmases. And over the course of 2012 I failed to make sure I had a decent stand for this year.

You cannot write a book about a great pianist and keep track of all this domestic trivia! It is sad but it is the truth.

It did not help either that I forgot all about it. That Christmas tree stand business is like something being wrong with your car. It has happened that I have driven in to work with my car making some kind of noise, or acting funny. As soon as I am out of the car and in the office I forget all about it! It does not enter my mind again until I get back in the car.

That is what my Christmas tree stand problem is like. It looms large while I am trying to set up my tree but then after Christmas I forget about it and do not think about it again until the next December, and then not until the day I am going to get my tree.

Which, that day gets later every year.

It just moved one night later because today Howard forgot to bring me the tree. So now he is bringing it tomorrow. No biggie because I was not thinking I could get the tree up tonight anyway.

La la la la la la.

Fa la la la la la la.

At this rate I will not be putting the tree up until Christmas Eve.

On the bright side, that is in accordance with ancient tradition!

Even if the aluminum is not.

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