Monday, December 2, 2013

Life after Thanksgiving

This was totally one of those "Non, nobis, Domine" Thanksgivings!

I confess that I am sort of enjoying a more normal week

Holidays play a funny role in your life. They are like traveling to Europe in that all of a sudden you put your usual life aside and instead lose yourself in an array of fresh new challenges.

In Europe it is: Can you count out the right change and navigate the machines to make it onto the Paris Metro? Can you summon up enough German to order tickets to Mozart's "The Magic Flute"? Can you do it while you are jet lagged?

On Thanksgiving it is: Can you find the perfect turkey? Can you roast it properly? Can you get it out of the oven with three little nieces and nephews all jumping on your back and pulling your hair and playing hide and seek in your kitchen?

Can you coordinate the roasted cauliflower and the mashed potatoes and the cabbage and apples? And the gravy. What about the gravy?

Can you get all the dishes washed before you go to bed?

Can you do all that and make it to Mass and to the Nutcracker? I wrote about that kind of thing in my story about It's the Most Buffalo Time of the Year.

Anyway, the world is returning to normal. It is fun to return to Pilates and my other assorted attempted gym classes. Well, it is not exactly fun but it feels better.

The office was frantic for the last few weeks and now for a moment the stress subsides.

The usual talk show hosts are back on the radio on their usual shifts.

I make more Leonard Pennario progress.

Life continues! The only problem is ...

I can't stop eating!

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