Monday, December 24, 2012

My aluminum tree

It is Christmas Eve and so I listened to Carmen Dragon's Christmas album and put up my tree.

I was afraid to take it out of the box but when I did it went together really easily. Now it sits there looking cheerily hokey.

I love my artificial tree! It cries out for a ranch house by still.

No muss, no fuss with a faux tree. You can put it up and go back to working on your book on Leonard Pennario. Well, I can, anyway!

It is funny, when I was growing up, I remember my dad trying to reason with us and asking why we would not consider an artificial tree. "It would be like an old friend," he said. "Every year we can take it down from the attic and put it up again."

And we always said: No!!

But once you go artificial you never look back, is what I say.

One funny thing: After I got Howard to bring home this tree, what did I find upstairs? A new Christmas tree stand, still in its box. I could have gotten a real tree after all at that grouchy Kenmore nursery.

Oh well.

Too late!

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