Saturday, July 5, 2014

Step away from the market

Yikes, I should not have gone to the Clinton-Bailey market!

Above is a picture of my kitchen counter. I spent almost $50!

To wit:

cantaloupe $2
kale or chard (I forget which, and it's some special variety) $3
garlic $1
green onions $1.50
10 lbs onions $6
20 lbs potatoes $5
cherries $5
strawberries $5
1/2 bushel apples $8
sugar snap peas $3
asparagus $1.50
corn $5

It would not be that bad were it not that I always feel this yearning to deal with all my purchases in a perfect, artistic way, like Pennario putting a concert program together.

I want everything to come together into elegant works of art that fit well with each other. I do not want to have to purchase anything extra or have anything left over. I just want it all to fit like some gigantic and beautiful mosaic.

Right now I have the mystery greens cookingwith some black-eyes peas and onions and smoked paprika. I had dreams of making asparagus and apple salad with Gorgonzola because Dorothy from church and I split a wheel of Gorgonzola from Tarantino Foods. 

These Italians change your life, you know?

However, doh!! The salad called for butter lettuce which, I have no lettuce. There just was not any at the market. Must I go to Wegmans? How can I? Saturday, at Wegmans. Imagine the cars in the parking lot.

I cannot. I cannot.

Once more, back to the drawing board.

But not to the farmers' market!

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