Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wheel of fortune

Yesterday I went to the late yoga class at the Buffalo Athletic Club. I have kind of fallen in with taking yoga now and then despite my reservations. It is OK other than when the teacher goes into that gobbledygook where she asks you: "Set an intention for your practice tonight."

Ahem, an intention?

My intention is to tone myself up!

Then there is this further goofiness where you fold your hands and "seal your intention." Yeah right as Leonard Pennario used to say. This is when I fuss with my socks and sneakers.

Other than that I like this teacher and between this and the Pilates classes I have been taken I am getting stronger and stronger. Last night I was able to do the Plough pose ...

... which I could not do the other day.

I also did the Wheel!

I did not expect I would be able to do it but I pushed my hands into the mat as the teacher said and all of a sudden there I was, floating up there in the Wheel pose. From my upside-down vantage point I surveyed the room and I noticed that no one else was doing the pose. I was the only one! I freaked out seeing that. What did they know that I did not? What if my back snapped? What if I hurt myself?

Why was I up here in this crazy pose and nobody else was?

It actually did not feel bad. All my classes have been paying off and I think I am a little stronger. But I was happy when the teacher said to get down from there. "Enough of that!" I said.

A few minutes later the teacher tried leading us in a split.

"No," I told myself. "You are not going to do a split. We have never done a split. We are not going to start now."

Because all of a sudden I worried I would be able to do it. Heck, I'd done everything else!

Now when it is time to go to the gym I kind of worry.

Who knows what the next class will bring?

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