Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My $50 sack of potatoes

There is always something you need at the last minute for Thanksgiving and that is how it should be. Because you are going to have to make that last trip to the store one way or another. So you may as well have a concrete reason.

My reason was potatoes. I had completely forgotten them!

So out I go to Albrecht Discount. Aldi, by the way, is closed on Thanksgiving, so you can feel good about shopping there the day before.

They had a good deal on potatoes, a 15-pound sack for $4. I had not planned on buying 15 pounds of potatoes but why not, you know? I am a growing girl, or I will be, anyhow, after eating these. The potatoes have the greatest Aldi brand name. It is Heartland!

Aldi was calm and quiet and so I kept shopping. My purchases included but were not limited to:

-- Four bars of German chocolate. Leonard Pennario loved that German audiences loved him and the people who appreciate Pennario naturally have an appreciation for the fine things in life, including chocolate.

-- Five 8-ounce bricks of Happy Valley cheese.

-- A can of Beaumont coffee.

-- Two cauliflowers.

-- Two bags of Paradise Meadows cranberries, never mind that I have a freezer full. They were 99 cents!

-- A pomegranate.

-- A gallon of milk.

-- Two pints of whipping cream.

-- Three jars of French and German mustard, on sale for $1.29. This is the greatest mustard around.

-- Three pounds of sweet potatoes.

I cannot remember what else I bought. I am just listing these off the top of my head. All I know is that my bill came to $54 and when I got home I just kept hauling bag after bag into the house.

My friend Ryan has been boasting, and rightfully so, about having a Shur-Fine Thanksgiving. Here is his picture of his purchases.

I am having an Aldi Thanksgiving!

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