Monday, November 25, 2013

Winter omnibus

If yesterday was Stir Up Sunday today is Stir Up Monday.

We are being stirred up by our weather forecasters!

You must cancel all your plans for the week.

If you cannot cancel your plans you must plan to take the Metro Bus.

The one thing about the months leading up to winter is you do not appreciate your ease of movement. You can drive here and there, no problem. You can just throw on clothes and leave the house.When it snows things are different!

Up above is a picture I took last year when we got to this point and I had to get on the bus. I put it on the Buzz Blog that I just linked to. All of a sudden Buffalo looks kind of picturesque, you know, when seen from safety behind a big bus window. You have those beautiful soft hues of white and blue and violet.

Here is another Ansel Adams shot from the Buzz Blog:

Bus riding is a skill everyone in Buffalo should have but it is amazing how many people do not have it. They do not know how much it costs or how to pay or which routes go where. Which is a pity because it can be fun to ride the bus. Sure, you never know who will be riding it with you. Hence a word I love, omnibus. It means a bus for all! Which, let us admit it, can have its bad side. Still, when the weather is cruddy there is nothing like sitting on this big bus as it maneuvers its way indifferently through traffic.

You can horse with your iPhone, you can not horse with your iPhone. You can sleep. Sometimes I do.

Anyway I suddenly see more bus rides in my future. Also good fortune for the Pennario book because of those long white nights where you have nothing to pursue but scholarship. OK, there is also wine with your friends, is another thing about winter. As my grammar slides south. Forgive me, it is a Monday morning.

With an ominous forecast!

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