Monday, April 29, 2013

Ow, ow, ow!

I went to Pilates class today. My body just felt as if it wanted it so I said, "OK, body. OK."

Wow, was I ever sorry!

We did all those exercises pictured above and then some. Thanks a lot, body, for wanting that!

I have been out of the Pilates loop for a while, just the way I have been out of the Leonard Pennario loop. And I found to my horror that I could not even do the Roll-Up. That is where you lie on your back and have to sit up with your legs flat on the floor. Son of a sea cook, I could not do it! I would psych myself into rolling up ...

... but then I would have to grab onto my legs just to pull myself up. Not good, not good! It will come back to me in a few weeks but still.

The teacher, Jill, said encouragingly: "We are doing this later in the workout so you can see how your body performs when it is warmed up ... or, maybe, exhausted."

I was certainly in the exhausted category.

After that I went to Albrecht Discount  on Sheridan and they were remodeling! Dust and dirt and cardboard boxes were everywhere. Most unsettling.

I said, "I hope you're not changing things too much. I like things at Aldi the way they are."

The one workman said to me, "We're just trying to make things so that whatever Aldi you will walk into, things are the same. Like at Walmart."

 I bought some Goldhen eggs and fled.

But now a few hours later I am feeling good. I have my Goldhen eggs plus I have the aching muscles that prove I had a really good workout.

I am ahead in the game of life!

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