Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cool cats

Tonight we did Movie Night again at my mom's. She is well again! Which means I can get back to this Web log and to Leonard Pennario.

The movie we saw was "The AristoCats."

I had never seen it! It is from 1970, a little on the new side for us.

It was fun. My brother George had done some Googling and knew that the voice of Duchess -- that's the white cat -- was Eva Gabor. So funny! Probably some of the other voices are noteworthy but I did not recognize the names. Phil Harris who was the tomcat, he was a band leader. One quote attributed to him is: "I can't die until the government finds a safe place to bury my liver." Ha, ha!

The kids have gotten good at watching movies. It is a far cry from back when they could not concentrate. They were fixated on "The AristoCats" and we were all laughing along with little George who took great enjoyment in the movie and laughed and laughed, this funny loud little-boy laugh.

We all laughed together at Uncle Waldo, the goose who had been basted in white wine! Handily that clip has been posted on YouTube. I loved how they showed the geese from behind, waddling.

That jazz song at the end is a kick: "Everybody Wants To Be a Cat."

I am in my second childhood!

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