Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rustles of spring

Signs of spring! The giraffes were out.

I told Howard I was going to make note of the giraffe and he said: "You'd be sticking your neck out." Ha, ha! But I am doing it anyway.

I could not take a picture from my car in the heat of the moment so I used that picture up above from Trip Advisor, of a giraffe at the Buffalo Zoo. It is cool how the Buffalo Zoo is in the city, right on a well-traveled street corner, so it is not unusual to round the corner and see a giraffe. Other animals, too! Once I saw a rhinoceros. I just happened to have just the right view into the zoo.

That is a most excellent thing, when you are driving down an ordinary city street and can see a rhinoceros! It was just standing there two-dimensional, like an animal cracker.

Anyway, that was one sign of spring, seeing the giraffe.

Another was, I saw a freighter steaming into the harbor the other day. That is a summer sight!

And one more thing, the greatest sign of all. Yesterday morning I went outside to take out the garbage -- just me taking out the garbage is a sign of spring -- and I heard the unmistakable voice that means spring. The voice from next door.

"You son of a pup," it said.

It was the guy from next door who cannot stop swearing! His voice was quiet as if he were warming up. But it was distinct! I heard him!

Surely now spring is here to stay.

We may now hear Pennario playing "Rustles of Spring."

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