Monday, January 17, 2011

On the aisle

Over the weekend I made it to my favorite place, Albrecht Discount. I went to the one on Sheridan on my way back from Zumba class.

And I was thinking: I love the brand names at Aldi!

I am in the market for drugs -- ahem, over the counter drugs -- because I have this clingy cold I cannot quite quit. So I went out of my way to see if Aldi had cold medicine. They did indeed! And the pills had a wonderful brand name, Welby.

The package did not quite make clear where the drugs came from so as I wrote on Facebook, all I can imagine is a laboratory in Leipzig. However I did not buy them. I was stupid and I thought I was losing my cold so I held off. Sometime tomorrow I might swing by Albrecht Discount and buy some Welby pills. They are only $1.69 for a good supply.

Other Aldi brand names I love:

The spices, Stonemill.

The mayonnaise, Burman's.

The coffee, Beaumont. I drank some just this morning while reading a pile of Pennario reviews. I made my Beaumont coffee ... 

... on the stove because our power was out.

My Aldi-shopping brother George and I are both crazy about the brand name of the oats. It is Millville!

And George recently quizzed me about the eggs at Aldi. He said, Aldi has the best brand name for eggs. Do you know what it is? he asked. I did not know.

It is Goldhen!

Ha, ha! I just tried to find a picture of Goldhen eggs and what I found was an atheist site complaining that when you opened a carton of them, you found a prayer. It said the carton read: "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

Immediately I had to run downstairs and open the fridge and check the carton of Goldhen eggs I bought yesterday. Sure enough, there it was, that psalm. I had never noticed it before.

Wow, I am looking at that site and there are 90 comments are arguing this out. The atheists are debating whether they can or should buy Christian eggs. One thing all of them miss with their haranguing about "Christian" this and "Christian" that is that this is actually a Jewish psalm, if you want to split hairs, which apparently they do. I mean, it belongs to all of us, but it was Jewish first.

It is a beautiful psalm. We sing it on Easter Sunday. It is "Haec dies, quam ecit Dominus; exsultemus, et laetemur in ea."

There is another reason too that I love that psalm. That is because Howard makes me think of it every morning. What he does is, he gets up and announces joyously, "A whole new day!" And that psalm is all I can think of.

This is the day the Lord has made!

Let us rejoice and shop Aldi!


Cassie said...

I just found the scripture quote today. I was flabbergasted. I love it! I am going to let Goldhen know that I'm happy that they are putting this on their egg cartons.

Unknown said...

I too just opened the Goldhen carton and saw this wonderful Psalm. It made my day!! Thanks to Goldhen for
doing such a wonderful thing. Rejoice in the day and be glad!!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Ursula, happy Easter! Let us rejoice and be glad!

I also love Cassie's comment up above. I didn't see it till now and I agree, we should let Goldhen know that we love the psalm on their egg cartons!

Susan Hart said...

I too am so happy to see this Bible verse when I opened my eggs from Aldi's!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Susan, isn't it great? This is the egg carton the Lord has made!

olesewnsew said...

We love ALDI and always buy Goldhen eggs...we are Christians but that's not why we buy them...For a long time the large eggs were LARGE! Now since ALDI has been raising their prices we are noticing in with a few LARGE eggs are some smaller ones!!! Such a disappointment! We were shopping there one day and some corperate biggies were there and ever since...prices are higher and now the eggs are getting smaller!!! We are so disappointed!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I love that Bible verse, but........I wonder how they treat their hens. Stuffed in cages, unable to forage, nest, or even spread their wings? Just wondering.

Jay Dee said...

I agree with Pat, 100 percent. I do not care one way or the other about the bible verse. I am way more interested in how the hens are treated. While so many religious people are so excited about a few words printed inside the box, does anyone give a thought to the ethical treatment of the animals that produce the eggs (or, more likely, the unethical treatment.)