Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scary movie

We did Movie Night again with the kiddies. We saw "Pinocchio."

Anyone ever see "Pinocchio"? I do not think I ever did before tonight.

It is a very strange film!

Fevered, was the word I came up with afterward when it was over and we were all sitting there in shock.

My brother George said he looked it up in some movie guide and it is considered the scariest of the Disney masterpieces. There is this one scene in particular where Pinocchio has made this bad friend and the friend is sitting around playing pool and smoking cigars and drinking beer and all of a sudden he starts turning into a donkey and there is no stopping it.

He gets terrified and it is awful to see! He crashes into a mirror and he starts screaming. Really, not fun.

Hahahaa... I am reading the comments to that YouTube video and somebody writes: "I threw up when I saw this for the first time."

The movie takes all kinds of strange turns. You think it's all sweetness and light, "I Got No Strings" and "When You Wish Upon a Star." Ha. Ha. HA. (As Laurel and Hardy used to say.)

Then they have to go underwater and find Gepetto in the belly of this whale. Disney is unhurried as heck through this part, having fun filling something like an hour with all kinds of weird bubbles and fish.

One funny thing, the part everyone thinks about, about how Pinocchio's nose grows when he tells a lie, that is actually a very brief and minor episode.

There is a Leonard Pennario connection with this movie that I will have to make sure to put in the book.

One good thing, this was hands down the most successful movie with the kids. They were glued to it. It was not like last time, I will tell you that. There was hardly any talking, just one whimper from our little Georgie that it was getting too scary.

Secretly I agreed.

I think we are all going to have bad dreams!

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