Monday, February 18, 2013

Step in time!

We had Movie Night again at my mom's and watched "Mary Poppins."

It was fun only the kids in our family do not know how to watch movies. Pictures like the one up above, of kids watching movies, they are bogus!

In real life, these kids cannot concentrate. They shove each other on the couch and complain about they want more butter on the popcorn and even when they are in a good mood, they feel free just to start a conversation in the middle of one scene or other. They find their own conversation preferable to what is going on on the screen.

I am afraid this is the iPhone generation. They cannot focus.

So I am stuck being this square and having to lecture: "Hey, guys, watch the movie. This is a famous dance."

It is "Step in Time"!

It is not Leonard Pennario, I know, but still, great art!

Funny things strike you as a grown-up watching "Mary Poppins." One thing that we noticed was how Burt has no permanent occupation. One day he is a sidewalk artist. The next, he is a chimney sweep. Then at the end of the movie he is selling kites.

We all know people like this! People who carry no weight.

"Mary Poppins" was the longest movie we have attempted so far for Movie Night.

Next time we might do better with something shorter.

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