Thursday, February 28, 2013

Van the man

Losing Van Cliburn has made me nostalgic. A few more pictures have turned up and so I must needs post them. And then we shall return to our former obsessions.

I posted exclusive pictures of Cliburn and Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director JoAnn Falletta on our Buffalo News Gusto Blog, where I also posted this tribute yesterday.

And now for the new pictures.

I love the shot up above of Howard talking with Mr. Cliburn. You cannot really see me but trust me, I am grinning.

Here I am again, all smiles.

That was in my pre-braces days! I did not get braces on my teeth until the following spring.

Hahaa.. that dress I am wearing, I just realized it was the same dress I wore about a month later when I met Leonard Pennario. That dress is one of the gems of my collection, a handmade sundress I picked up I forget where. Well, I do remember, but I do not want to say. Anyway, I guess that was my autumn of the great pianists and luckily I was ready.

In this shot the handsome gent on the right is Michael Ludwig, the concertmaster of the BPO.

Here are Michael Ludwig and Van Cliburn entertaining us at the Rue Franklin.

It is sweet how JoAnn Falletta, the music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, is turning pages. She looks beautiful! We all wore our best dresses so that we could look pretty for Van Cliburn.

Bravi, bravi, tutti, tutti!

What fun!

Dear Van Cliburn. Eventually I will come down to earth and it will sink in that he is gone and I will not be very happy.

But for now, I will remember the good times!

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