Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Motor mouth

We did Movie Night again on Sunday with the kiddies. We watched half of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

It is impressive, the ground we have covered! "Peter Pan," then "Dr. Doolittle," then "Mary Poppins," then "Bambi," then "Snow White," then "Pinocchio," and now this. Now this! That is an expression Howard loves.

The kids are getting better at watching movies. At least I am now cautiously optimistic anyway. "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" is an unhurried, meandering kind of pic. There is a lot of Dick van Dyke singing and dancing. You can get an hour into the movie and he has not even bought the car! "The Fast and the Furious" this is not.

But the young 'uns watched placidly, munching their popcorn. The secret is popcorn! You need a lot of it. With a lot of butter.

The dance number up above is a riot. My brother George and I were talking about it. We had completely forgotten it.

We had completely forgotten this whole movie!

I do kind of recall that it gets dark, although it will have to get pretty dark to be darker than "Pinocchio." "Pinocchio" was no joke! I do not think I will ever watch that movie again, to tell you the truth.

This is funny, after every movie George and I get on Google and sort of research it. Researching "Pinocchio" I found that the guy who voiced Geppetto was actually a German character actor, from Bavaria, named Christian Rub. The guy who was the voice of Stromboli, a very stereotypical Italian, was a Dutchman, Charles Judels. He appeared in Laurel and Hardy's masterpiece "Swiss Miss."

With which, there is this Laurel and Hardy site with which you may waste a lot of time. You can click on actors and their pictures and it is all cross-indexed as far as what Laurel and Hardy movies they were in. I wish I could have shown it to Leonard Pennario. He loved those movies and probably he knew half those guys.

Movie Night does not end with Sunday.

It lasts all week!

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