Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walk the walk

My garden might be tanking but I am having good luck with the pedometer.

Ha, ha! I was thinking today of all the little games that brighten your day. The pedometer is one. When you get up in the morning you get it going. 13 steps down the stairs to make your coffee. 13 steps back up. Five steps into the bathroom. You are off!

Usually when I get to the office after crossing the parking lot I am up to about 850 steps. Get another cup of coffee and run up a couple more flights of stairs and you hit 1,000.

The first 2,000 steps are pretty easy in my experience.

But then you are only a fifth of the way there.

You must try to nail 10,000 steps in a day!

This is how the screen looks.

The plot thickens because sometimes the pedometer shortchanges me. It might not count if if I walk somewhere. That is annoying. It lets me listen to Leonard Pennario on my iPod while I am walking but sometimes I think it starts listening to Leonard Pennario too. Because it forgets to count my steps!

Still it is all in fun. It is a good game to play to boost your day and I have to say this, I have lost a couple of pounds playing it over the last week. It works! Because all of a sudden you want to get in a few more steps because you are short a few. So you park at the other end of the lot or run to someone's office instead of emailing him. Things like that.

Once I made my mother go for a walk with me.

My friend Tracy came over another night and we knocked out another few thousand steps.

One evening at Big Blue I found myself just running in place to log another thousand steps.

End result, as we say here in Buffalo: Pounds lost.

There's an app for that!

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