Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Theater of the absurd

It feels as if it may have rained somewhat last night. And if it did, my mother called it.

Last night my mother predicted rain. "It just feels like it," she said, looking up at the sky, as we sat in the back yard eating beef souvlaki and listening to the cicadas.

Howard said, "Mothers know these things."

I wish this heat wave would break, you know? I like the heat but it is tough on my mom especially since she is funny about cooling devices. She does not like air conditioners because you cannot open the windows. She does not like even to sleep with an electric fan on because she does not like the whoosh.

So I find myself thinking about things like getting her out to restaurants and movies to chill her out. My mom suggested "To Rome With Love," the new Woody Allen movie.

Which, we will probably go to that. I think I have an unbroken streak of Woody Allen movies going over the last few years. Going back to "Cassandra's Dream," which I saw with Leonard Pennario. I still have the movie stub in my wallet because I am sentimental.

Anyway, "To Rome With Love." I looked it up to see if there was anything objectionable in it although I figured there was not.

And what in the world?

"To Rome With Love" is rated R!

We will probably cross our fingers and go and see it anyway. But can't anyone make a movie not rated R? When even Woody Allen cannot you know the situation is grim.

Another thing, whenever I go with my mom to the movies they always show you a bunch of previews and these previews have gotten excruciatingly trashy. Society is sinking and I am sinking too, down in my seat.

Oh well.

At least we will be cool!

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