Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The frustrated farmer

My garden is going to pot.

Remember my garden? It is not living up to my expectations.

There are a few tiny tomatoes emerging on the tomato plants. But a few of the tomato plants are at death's door. Old German and Pineapple are the heirloom tomatoes. For a long time Old German was on the fence and Pineapple was doing well. Now Old German has pulled ahead of Pineapple. Neither of them is exactly healthy however.

After all those midnight waterings! This is how they reward me.

The Arugula, as far as it goes, I have about three plants that I cut and use for salads. A bunch of other Arugula seedlings never advanced past about an inch tall.

I am better off shopping at the Farmers' Market.

I am no Farmer.

I just play at it.

Even the Nasturtia. Kids can grow Nasturtia. But, alas, not I.

Plus some of the plants I thought I was cultivating wound up being weeds. I am not growing Purslane. Also known as Pigweed.

Oh well.

More time to work on the book!

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