Like a complete idiot and a newbie, I bought an 1.5 inch iridescent shark a while back from a local pet store. The associate there assured me, "It'll only grow a couple inches more... a good tempered fish... great for the community aquarium...." Three years and 4 inches later my iridescent shark lives in my 20 gal along with a couple of neon tetras (there used to be nine... he probably ate the rest).

My dilemma is this... Should I just keep my shark or give it away to another lfs (a different, very family-owned nice one)? I'm going away to college in another year, and I doubt my parents would be able to care for him... Don't get me wrong, I love my "Big Phish" as I affectionately call him, he's good tempered and very beautiful but also rather hyper and he just keeps growing!!

Any suggestions???