Sunday, July 1, 2012

By the light of the silvery moon

I was just outside doing moonlight gardening.

There is this big moon outside and by the light that it cast, I watered my tomatoes.

I think my Old German is going to make it!

When I was at the Clinton/Bailey Market a week ago I bought a couple of, ahem, heirloom tomatoes. One was Old German ...

... and the other was Pineapple. I had not thought of growing heirloom tomatoes. But there is a first time for everything.

Back home, I put both the Pineapple and the Old German in the ground and things did not look good.

The Pineapple eventually began bouncing back. But the Old German ...

... it just wilted. The leaves began turning yellow. That was it, I thought, for that plant.

Ach, du lieber!

On Saturday morning I watered the tomato plants and as I watered the Old German I thought, yeah, right. This is never going to bounce back.

But it did!

I could not believe it.

A few hours later that Old German was looking kind of perky! And the leaves were green again.

Who would have guessed?? I went to the Clinton/Bailey Market and began bragging to one of the farmers. And he said to me: "Yeah, they'll act stressed for a little bit, and then they'll be OK."

They sure were stressed!

Here is a picture of Old German tomatoes should mine be OK.

And Pineapple tomatoes.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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