Monday, June 4, 2012

Planet Crockpot

Who cares if it's cold out? I've got my Crock Pot to keep me warm.

You remember, the Crock Pot with a timer that I found for $15. It is my friend!

Today I did a lamb roast in it. This is one of those leg of lamb roasts I got at Albrecht Discount at Easter time and froze. I got it out of the freezer and cooked it in the crock in zinfandel wine, as per Cooking Light. I did this recipe once before. I wrote, "Mom liked this."

So tomorrow I am going to bring some over to my mom.

I browned the lamb as the recipe suggested, and I deglazed the pot. But still, it was easy. More time to spend on Leonard Pennario. 

And this is just the opening act for tomorrow which will be Crockpot Squid!

After that ... hmmm. I have some eggplant so mayhap I will do Eggplant Lasagna. That is a good Crock Pot item. If anyone has any good recipes please send them along.

Perhaps I can keep this going all week!


Unknown said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog for the past few weeks. I found it when I noticed a lot of hits on my coffee posters on photobucket. I'm glad you like my collection. Some I make, most are gathered from around the web. -Nolamom

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Oh, Nola, did you take the coffee pictures in the slideshow? I try to match the slideshow with what I'm writing and when I wrote about coffee, I remember I was thinking what a quality slideshow I found on Photobucket. Thank you!!