Sunday, March 25, 2012


Today I cleaned my house. What an adventure that was!

For one thing I realized how long the vacuum cleaner cord is. It was plugged in downstairs and I was vacuuming upstairs! I could not get over that.

Another thing, I went through all my new vinyl purchases and got them into boxes with others of their ilk. Then I cleaned off my desk so I can continue wrapping up my Leonard Pennario book without all this clutter of receipts, notebooks, cooking magazines etc.

Yet another thing, I did not even mind cleaning my downstairs toilet because of when I discovered how old and rare it is. Now I take pleasure in polishing it because it is this rare antique. I am like a normal person would be polishing a Corvette.

I am saving the best for last.

It is my Dollar Tree Mop and Shine!

That is the bottle of floor cleaner I picked up at Dollar Tree. I had never heard of the brand, Totally Awesome. But it is, well, totally awesome! It lives up to its name!

It says to pour the stuff out into a "little puddle." Which I did. The I poured it into several puddles. The kitchen floor was pretty dirty.

Then I went at it with the Swiffer Wet Mop. I had gotten this Dollar Tree bottle thinking maybe I could use it with this wet mop instead of the expensive cleanser that fits the mop. The Swiffer cleanser did not work that well, anyway, when I used it last time.


The Totally Awesome Mop and Shine is a different story!

There was this sticky spill I was dreading tackling. I had spilled this stuff not long ago and I could see where it was and I decided I would save it till later. So I am sort of dragging this mop over it to get to this other, easier spot. And then this miracle occurred.

The spill vanished!

All the mop did was glide over it and it was gone!

The Totally Awesome Mop and Shine had erased it, just like that. I could not believe it. Anyway, the floor was done in a snap with this stuff which, I cannot see how it can be legal. There have to be forbidden ingredients, is all I can think.

It says made in U.S.A. but still.

Now the floor is all sparkly clean and it feels as if it is waxed. You can slide on it in your stocking feet. I have had a good time doing that! Howard and I are both slipping and sliding all over the place. Howard could not get over it and he wants me to go to Dollar Tree and get him numerous bottles of Totally Awesome Mop and Shine to use at Big Blue.

Hahahaa... I am on Dollar Tree's Web site because I wanted to find a picture. And there are three reviews. Everyone loves this stuff. "Best Floor Cleaner EVER!!" someone writes. The first writer is the best. She writes: "Slickest Floor in Town!" She says her dog was chasing her cat and slid right into the fridge!

This stuff is the greatest! For $1! And here I was at Dollar Tree feeling stupid for buying it. Thinking I was wasting my buck on something that was cheap and would not work.

I am a winner!

Now I am going to go buy 10 cases of this stuff.

Before it is banned!

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