Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shopping spree

Yikes, I just blink and I miss two days! I will try to make up for lost time.

Today my mom and I went to get our hair cut and then we went to Dollar Tree. This is the Dollar Tree at Kensington and Harlem. It is the greatest dollar store in the world. It is bright and cheery and big and everything is $1, unless otherwise marked.

As soon as we walked in my mom shrewdly zeroed in on peanut snack packs -- you got five .8 ounce packs to a pack -- that had been marked down to 25 cents. We both picked up a few of those. Yum!

Then my mother bought one more thing, I forget what.

I spent $25!

I am trying to think what I got without peeking. I got a big blue pail to help with cleaning. And a pack of sponges. Two bottles of bathroom cleanser. It is good to have new cleaning supplies, you know?

What else? A bottle of lemon juice. Go ahead and sneer at lemon juice from concentrate, there are times when life does not give you lemons. I got two Rubbermaid lunch containers. Tupperware is one of the few areas where I do not buy generic. The lids never stay on. You must have a reputable name.

A silicone spatula. Two bright yellow gift bags. Oh, and notebooks! I am a fool for the school supplies aisle, always have been. You should see this aisle. You should see the pencils.

I bought a pink stapler with mini staples. And a notebook to carry in my purse. It is a mini four-subject notebook! Which is great because I can sort my scribblings into categories: Personal Web logs, Work Web log, Buzz column and Leonard Pennario.

What haven't I accounted for? Two cans of clams so I can make my mom linguini with clam sauce one of these Fridays. A bottle of floor cleanser. I am trying for a clean house. And a floor cleaner that had the amazing brand name Totally Awesome. I saw that brand name and said, this I must have.

A bottle of coconut liquid soap. I love the smell of coconut. It reminds me of Hawaiian Tropic which reminds me of summer.

What else, what else? I might have to peek.

Oh, right. A crossword puzzle book for my mom. And -- oh, this is funny. Denture cleaner. For me! I do not have dentures but there is this retainer I must wear nightly. I scrub and scrub this retainer but someone tells me denture cleaners could help.

The denture cleaners are tablets, mysteriously enough. With which, you do not have to ask what happens next. Confused as to how to use them, I will let them sit first on the stairs for a few weeks, then upstairs in the bathroom on the counter, then in the linen closet for about six months before I ever get around to figuring out how to use them.

Oh well, so what, they were only a dollar.

This was a most successful shopping trip!


Budd Bailey said...

Remember, Mary, how your parents would mumble something like, "I remember when two people couldn't carry $25 in groceries into the house." This is still true, as long as you shop at the Dollar Store.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Yeah, it was all I could do to carry my $35 worth of product out of the store! Value lives on!