Monday, March 26, 2012

The Gloved One

On my way over to my mom's today I stopped at Dollar Tree again. I could not stay away! And I bought more of that Mop and Shine. I also bought a ton more cleaning stuff for Howard to use on Big Blue.

This is heavy-duty stuff for a heavy-duty house!

One thing I bought was the Concentrated Dish Soap. It smells kind of industrial which I like about it. None of this lemon or lime la-ti-da. And I picked up the laundry detergent. Give it a try.

I look for the Totally Awesome brand!

I bought $35 worth of stuff. My cart was full and people were laughing at me with all my plastic bottles.

"I'm cleaning my house," I said.

Naturally nothing is ever easy, otherwise I would have gotten this book on Leonard Pennario done a long time before now. When I got home I put everything in the front hall and later, zut alors, I realized the front hall was soaked. What had happened was, one of the Bang Bathroom Cleaners had burst open.

Bang is Totally Awesome's answer to Kaboom. That is what I have figured out after reading last night's reviews. There was much discussion on the Internet as to which had the better smell, Bang or Kaboom.

So, end result as we say here in Buffalo: I wasted 50 cents worth of product, about half the bottle. On the other hand the front hall is more clean that it has ever been in its long life.

A toast to Totally Awesome!


snake pliskin said...

Mary!...I was so excited this morning, to awake and read your column in the news...The Buzz!...But, alas, it was not there!....such a morning was crushed!....why must you taunt me! wait for your Friday video Gusto review!...please say you will be there!...your biggest fan, snake pliskin...p.s., I just introduced my lifemate to your splendid prose and she is an instant fan!...maybe we should start a MKG club?!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Dear SP, The Buzz column runs every other week, every other Tuesday. This Tuesday it will be there. Thank you so much for the nice words... you are inspiring me!! p.s. love that word "lifemate."