Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Toilet eyes

Howard says he has new toilet eyes. Ha, ha! You hear about toilet mouth but never toilet eyes.

What he means is, he has eyes for toilets.

For one thing he noticed the historic toilet in our downstairs bathroom. I have to confess I never looked at this toilet closely! But now I do. And I recognize its greatness.

That is it pictured above. Note how the tank is fastened to the wall. And how it is connected to the bowl by that antique pipe.

Then there is the classic line connecting the tank to the floor, complete with that valve. You may click on the picture and blow it up should you want to study the toilet more closely. Which, should you want to do that, I would understand.

We think our toilet dates to the 1920s. Possibly it is original to the house.

When Elizabeth II ascended the throne ...

... our throne was already old!

When Leonard Pennario appeared on the Kraft Music Hall our toilet was already an antique.

I am looking at toilets through new eyes too.

Here is a 1920s Kohler cast iron toilet. It shares certain features with ours.

And for the pianist who has everything...

I am willing to bet Pennario got at least one of these as a present. I would love to have seen his face.

It is fun to study the everyday objects in your home or apartment.

You may find you are flush with history!

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