Monday, July 18, 2011

Playing chicken

The James Beard Fireside Cook Book has already paid off!

Last night when the folks were over to dinner, I knew enough to grill the chicken breasts bone side down.

Last week I was grilling chicken breasts and following a stupid Cooking Light page that advised me to do this and that with them, but never said, duh, grill them with the bone side down. Ergo, I singed them.

Last night they came out great. Cooked perfectly, golden on top. Yay James Beard!

He said in his book to grill them like that and that is what I did.

Cooking Light continues its slide south, I hate to say. They persist in saying, on the cover, "90 (or however many) Recipes and Tips." As if there is no difference between a recipe and a tip.

And trying to sell you on expensive kitchen stuff.

And lecturing you on politically correct this and sustainable that. Look, just tell me how to cook, OK?

My life as Leonard Pennario's authorized  biographer leaves me no time to suffer fools. I am sorry.

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