Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stand facing the crank


That is what the back page of my new Cooking Light tells me, accusingly.

This pathetic magazine, I wish my subscription would just lapse, you know? Instead it just keeps showing up and irritating me.

They used to have yummy recipes on the back page. I have saved a few of them, like Honey-Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges. And Texas Sheet Cake.

Now all they do is carp at us!

Remember when I kvetched that they gave us that list of 10 things we did wrong and how to fix it? It was so demoralizing. YOUR CAKE COLLAPSES. YOUR PANCAKES BURN. etc.

Naturally they took this bad idea and ran with it and that is what we get now. On the back page of every issue we get another accusing comment of what we are doing wrong.

And the magazine has continued on its downward spiral of trying to sell me all this stuff and giving advice on store-bought foods and telling you how to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in Seattle. You know what, I remember my sister Katie saying to me years ago, "I'm tired of hearing about what it's like to live and work in Seattle." That was 20 years ago!

It still has not let up!

I do not want to go to Seattle ...

... OK? I want to sit here and cook in my North Buffalo kitchen.

Then with something simmering on the stove I want to go back upstairs and work some more on my Leonard Pennario book which, I put in six hours on it today.

What is with these magazines?

Why can't they get it?


Editor's note: I enjoyed the Facebook comments so much I am reprinting them here!

    • Marta Vago This magazine deserves to go out of business, I tell you. When the next issue shows up, do me a favor: don't even look at it and throw it in the trash. You'd be much happier learning more about Hungarian cuisine. You're a natural at it. (BTW - I agree with you about Seattle.)
      6 hours ago ·
      Panos Fourtounis
      The only good cooking magazine was Gourmet. Bon Appetit that replaced it sucks. I don't know why anyone would read Cooking Light (especially in out of this world butter lamb from Broadway Market Buffalo.)
      Seattle and Portland have astounding... food and restaurant scenes (fresh local salmon, oysters, breads, chocolates, meats, wines, spirits, pastries, on and on and on UN believeable! Got to show you around someday!
      This may be the funniest blog ever MKG!
      6 hours ago ·
      Marta Vago Another thought: When you receive your next issue of this pathetic magazine, AFTER you throw it in the trash, listen immediately to Juan Diego Florez singing just about anything. You'll be smiling from ear to ear and whatever you cook will be imbued with divine inspiration!

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