Monday, June 13, 2011

My favorite saint

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony, patron saint of the perpetually disorganized and, hence, recurring theme on this Web log. Above is a picture of the great saint preaching to the fishes.

To think of all the lost things St. Anthony found in the last year just for me!

Chief of which was our tax papers.

But there is so much more.

I harp...

... about this a lot but I feel that as long as St. Anthony is doing all these wonderful things for me on a daily basis, I owe it to him to thank him.

Herewith we will give Leonard Pennario the day off and listen to Brahms' Variations on the St. Anthony Chorale. That is a beautiful theme! I love how on the "bridge" it goes up and down, like breathing. You inhale as it goes up and exhale as it goes down.

Oh, look, I see that video is the work of my YouTube buddy David Hertzberg. He posts all kinds of videos of the great pianists including Pennario. He uses as art just things from the record jackets and he does it beautifully. As in this quickie Brahms waltz. I find this so touching. That closeup on Pennario at the end.

Here I was going to give Pennario the day off.

I guess he goes to work on the feast of St. Anthony just like the rest of us! Which is OK. The way I see it St. Anthony is a working saint. He wants you to get out and get your work done and he intercedes to God to help us get over our work hurdles. That has been my experience anyway. He is here to help us in this world.

I would like to get a look at him in the next world, you know? I would just like to see what he looks like.

And say, "Hey, St. Anthony, remember those tax papers?


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