Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He's got chops

Buying that propane has made dinner more fun. It is fun to watch Howard grill!

There is something territorial about grills that makes men want to take them over. Normally with Howard, cooking is something that I never see him do. He has mentioned that he cooks pancakes, from a mix, when I am not around. But I have not personally seen that. I have never seen him betray any leaning toward cooking.

The grill changes all that!

Something prehistoric kicks in and there is Howard poised, barbecue fork in hand, over the leaping flames. His face is illuminated. He is taut and focused and competitive. Like Pennario at the piano.

Ah! The Ritual Fire Dance!

Everything has to be just so. The plates have to be in place. Napkins, check. Silverware, check. Side dishes have to be ready and on the plate so everything is ready by the time the meat is.

"I want the steak to sizzle when it hits your plate." That is what Howard said the other night.

I said, "Howard!"

We were laughing that here is how prehistoric man prepared his lunch, eons ago, and now it is this revelation to us, that isn't this wonderful, we can cook over open flames?

Above is a picture Howard took last night grilling pork chops. He put the picture on Facebook with the caption, "Grill Crazy." Ha, ha! A witty man indeed.

And a heck of a grill meister.

Those chops came out  yummy.

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