Thursday, April 14, 2011

Angry bird

It is spring and that means there is action in the nearby group home.

This is a group home for the developmentally disabled, not for the troubled. That is my best stab at politically correct terminology and if I am wrong, I apologize. Anyway there is one man in the residence who is perpetually angry and on a spring morning like this his calls mingle with those of the cardinal and the chickadee.

"A--hole! Jackass!" That was his opening tweet this morning.

At the top of his lungs!

Followed by:

"Who gives a f---?"

Then you get:

"Sh--!" All by itself, at glorious volume.


"M-F! Jackass!"

The "jackass" always makes me laugh. I love it being included among these worse words.

Also, let's admit it, who would not, at least occasionally, like to enjoy the freedom that this gentleman does?

There are mornings when it would feel great to let fly with a big loud expletive, that is for sure!

Especially if you never swear otherwise.

I try to swear very little and even the little that I do, I am trying to cut out. The idea is to save your swear words for when they really matter. The whole time I knew Pennario he swore only once. It was the "F" word and it really packed punch.

A marvelous man, Leonard Pennario. Have I ever mentioned that?

And a marvelous morning this is, with all the spring sounds in the air.

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