Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow job

This big snowstorm that was predicted for us never materialized! That was OK with me because I could not stay home with a cup of hot chocolate. I had to run all over the place. Had I had to stay home it would have thrown off my schedule terribly.

My schedule is like a house of cards. One thing falls and that is it. That is it.

The one thing I regret about our not having a storm was, Howard was so prepared. He had things all arranged so that the driveway would be clear of snow and he had even made the emergency trip to Wegman's. It was like witnessing great art which is why when I awoke I regretted that we would not get to see his beautifully choreographed plans in action.

Howard regretted it too. When he awoke I told him there was no storm and he vaulted out of bed protesting. "It's coming!" he exclaimed. "The storm is coming this afternoon!"

"Actually, it's not," I said. "They have upgraded it from a warning to an advisory." Or maybe it was the other way around. I cannot remember what is worse, a warning or an advisory.

Howard ran to the radio and turned it up full blast. Sure enough, no storm.

He turned the radio off.

All over Buffalo I am sure other people were going through the same thing. You make all these preparations and then nothing. We were laughing about it later. You are kind of disappointed. You had everything ready! It was not as if I could easily take off from work but still.

I do think Howard was the sweetest thing for fixing things so that other than work I did not have a worry in the world.

Remember, he is the steward of the house!

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