Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My old nemesis, the library, is under investigation by the paper. That is our beauteous library pictured above! Apparently they have been crazily pitching books right and left and there is nothing that can be done. One criterion they apply, I read, is that if a book has not been checked out since 2008, that book could well be out the door.

Which sounds boneheaded to me. Isn't a library supposed to be where you can go and find moldy oldie books you would not find anywhere else?

You would think.

But now the library is like a teenager. It wants to be popular and cool. There is a cafe and music and slugs and oiks. There is the "F" word and noisy people on the computer.

Well, on the other hand, who cares. That is what Howard says about some things and I am picking it up.

With the library I am like the guy in "Gladiator."

The library has already done its worst to me and I have nothing left to lose.

They closed my cute historic little branch that was down the street, that I used to walk to, that was one reason I bought my house. There was another cute branch not that far from here but they went and closed that, too. Now our North Buffalo library is in a storefront in a strip mall. I refuse to go. I do not care.

Another thing, as I continue my screed....

... the library has been of minimal use to me where Leonard Pennario is concerned. None of the books I am looking for is ever there. And, you know what, when you are researching a book, this is a problem.

"Well, you can find anything you want on line." That is what people love to tell you! But it is not true. Plus, you cannot just go around buying all these books when you are researching something. It adds up.

Needless to say our loser library also does not belong to any programs that would let you do electronic research free and access old magazine and newspaper articles. Other cities' libraries have programs that let you do that. Ours naturally does not. So I am just stuck spending all this money. I have spent thousands of dollars on line getting my hands on this or that.

Isn't one mission of the library to assist researchers? Apparently not.

Fie on the library!

It does not care what happens to me.

So I do not care what happens to it!


Anonymous said...

It stinks when that is the case. I hate the idea of what was a destination losing its identity and central purpose. My cute neighborhood library is bustling and doing a good job, but is open a whopping four days a week. This ain't right.

And they should be keeping those books, kind of the point

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Mike, when the library was closing branches, I noticed that whether or not a person was concerned about it was directly connected with whether or not that person's branch stayed open. You are the exception! Thank you for sharing my outrage.

Prof. G said...

The "for profit only" mentalities are busy exterminating sources for inquiring minds. Andrew Carnegie built free libraries among other philanthropies, and tried, in his way, to give back. His realpolitik partner, Henry Clay Frick, thought he was an idiot. My heart aches over library closings, newspaper failures, and all other things connected with the seeking of knowledge, from shallow to profound. The Frick mentality is rampant nowadays, and I see no glimmer of a rescue lantern in the future.

Lilly said...

Wow, I just read your blog.

The library has a lot of electronic programs....all for free. Have used them both in the library and from home. Saved my kids on homework all the time! Here's the link we use: http://www.buffalolib.org/db/index.asp

Lilly said...

Last evening was the typical I need info on....for my school project. Luckly no school today, but when using the library's website my daughter also reminded me about the Library's Loan Department, where they get materials from other library's as well. Also spotted something called Book a Librarian. Cool, my own personal librarian! May just head downtown today!
My kids can never tell me they can't find stuff to get their homework done ever again.