Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bent out of shape

Yesterday in the snow after work I went and took another yoga class from the great yoga mistress. Actually this is not that rare an occurrence. I think this was my fourth yoga class.

However. I was coming off a long day and while I was enjoying the class, I could not follow instructions. I have days at work like that, too.

There was a classic moment when the teacher says, "Put your knees on the floor."

And I am doing nothing, probably thinking about a problematic chapter about Leonard Pennario.

"Put your knees on the floor." Louder.

La la la la la la la.


I jumped out of my skin.

She meant me!

You better believe I put my knees on the floor.

It is fun to be in an environment like this suddenly where you have a slate of new challenges. All of a sudden that is your job, to perform these movements that are thrown at you.

One thing that bothers me though is, I just fit in too well.

I went wearing these long black sweatpants and a tank top. It turns out that is the yoga uniform. Everyone else wears the same thing.

I must find something different to wear so I stand out.

There are these yoga clothes available.

And these.


Zumba is so much easier!

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Prof. G said...

Just looking at the pictures makes me see, in my mind's eye, that if I tried any of that, my 60 year old muscles would cramp in every direction and lock me permanently into humanoid Origami (maybe it would keep me out of trouble).