Sunday, February 20, 2011

A hill of beans

It is strange how now, with Valentine's Day out of the way, Easter stuff is everywhere.

How now, brown cow?

That is what Howard says to me when I say "how now."

Where was I?

In all the stores the St. Valentine's Day stuff is out and the Easter stuff is in. I mean, aisles and aisles of the stuff. Easter candy already on sale, the way candy canes go on sale weeks before Christmas. But this is different. I mean, between now and Easter is, uh, Lent.

And Lent does not even officially start for another three weeks. Today is only Septuagesima Sunday. Lent does not even begin until after Quinquagesima Sunday which is two weeks from now. In between is Sexagesima Sunday. That is a Sunday I love! It hit when I was in California with Pennario and we got a giggle out of it. That was the first time I had heard that term, Sexagesima Sunday, because I was new to the traditional Mass.

My point is, it is forever until Easter.

It may as well be next century.

And still .... and still... all the stores are holding up all this Easter candy, as if to say come on, eat it now. It does not work like that!

All of this righteous griping did not stop me from taking advantage of a special at CVS for free Gold Emblem jelly beans. Isn't this funny? We just got through talking about Goldhen eggs and now we are talking about Gold Emblem jelly beans. And my name is Goldman! What does this mean?

It means that this week at CVS the Gold Emblem jelly beans are free. Ordinarily they would be 99 cents but they give it back to you in Extra Bucks, that is, a coupon that prints on the back of your receipt. Next time you go in you can put that 99 cents toward your next purchase.

It is a treat to look for pictures of jelly beans. If you click on that link it is a delight just to look at the page.

But it will be a long, long time before we will be able to say...

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