Monday, February 21, 2011

A hill of beans 2

Yesterday was A hill of beans 1 and so this is A hill of beans 2.

Last night I went to office cooking club and guess what?

I came home after that and cooked!

Born to cook!!! That is what I tell myself when I cook at the soup kitchen. It gets you in the mood! Anyway, last night I made white bean soup. Here is how. You will want to clip and save this. This recipe is a keeper.

I had a two-pound bag of white Great Northern beans from Albrecht Discount and I dumped half the bag into the Crock Pot.

Then I chopped up one (1) onion.

Next I chopped up two (2) carrots.

I put everything together in the crock and then I covered it with water, enough water to cover it by a couple of inches. No salt. No salt yet! You want the beans to get soft. Note that I had not bothered soaking the beans. I am an old hand at this.

I turned the Crock Pot on low and went to bed and slept like a stone, never mind that I had drunk a cup of coffee after dinner at cooking club.

In the morning I woke up and went downstairs and gave the soup a stir. Then I dumped in a baggie of turnip greens I had washed and cut up the other day. Another stir. I added some salt.

An hour later it was done! Marvelous, yummy white bean soup.

I ate it for breakfast and packed some for lunch.

I am the master of the Crock Pot. I cooked for Leonard Pennario out of a Crock Pot.

I can cook for anyone!

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