Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The door to progress

Voila my beauteous wreath! Today my house is looking less as if Scrooge ...

... lives here.

That is a great Alastair Sim Scrooge! It is the picture my friend Michelle is using as her Facebook profiile. Ha, ha! She is the most un-Scrooge like person I know. I am sure she has had a wreath on her door for weeks now.

But me, I just got mine up. I am a little like Scrooge, let's admit it, because I cannot stop working even though it is almost Christmas. For some reason I am really going on the book. I have trouble putting it down. When someone interrupts me I look up just like Scrooge in the picture above.

On Saturday, though, I was knocking around with my mom and we were at Goodwill and I bought a plain old wreath for $3. Late the other night I actually got around to decorating it. Howard played Christmas music on the piano while I worked. He is not Scrooge! He is more like Leonard Pennario who used to play Christmas carols on the piano at all the Christmas parties he went to over the years. Leonard's friends have told me that.

The next challenge is the Christmas tree. That is an adventure that warrants a post in itself. What I did was, on Sunday after Mass and Zumba I stopped and ... oh, you know what, this really does have to wait.

It is just too long and goofy a story!

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