Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'This ghostly little book'

That was a rather un-Yule post yesterday, I just realized that! I have not even bought a Christmas tree yet. Instead I am sitting around thinking about exorcisms. I am like that kid in that movie, whatever it was? "Harold and Maude." The kid who drives around in the hearse. So ...

Here is something cool and Yule.

Who knew "A Christmas Carol" was on Google Books?

You do not want this one.

You want this one.

It is like an onion! All you do is look at it and you get tears in your eyes.

Here are all the different covers for "A Christmas Carol."

And all the versions on Google Books.

And a clip from the great 1951 "Scrooge" movie starring Alastair Sim. Leonard Pennario knew Alastair Sim and told me a thing or two about him. Alastair Sim was a Scottish actor known mostly as a comedian but he makes this movie, this "Scrooge." He is perfect. My friend Michelle posted this video on Facebook yesterday and everyone was crying.

The entire movie is posted on YouTube. Is this a wonderful era we live in or what?

Here is a beautiful clip where you see Scrooge going to his nephew's Christmas party after all. A magnificent Scrooge! Look at the looks that cross his face. And I like how everyone is gathered around the piano.

"Dennis! Polka!"

As Howard says a piano is the ultimate home entertainment system. Well, you need a pianist to go with it.

Now I am in the mood only for fun and games.

One thing I can say about today:

It is shot!


Larry said...

Love that Etude in E. And how appropriate for a snowy Buffalo day.

Prof. G said...

And along with the looks on Alastair Sim's face, I like the touch when the maid immediately smiles and nods when he turns and doubts whether he should go in; the message in her look being "I work for wonderful people. Go right ahead."

I know that Sim was so liked and respected that another well known actor (I want to say Alec Guinness, but I'm not sure) said he was willing to work without fee just to work with Alastair Sim.

markhn said...

After the ghosts have visited Scrooge gets out of bed and looks in a mirror and behind him in the mirror is a smiling stage hand. Gotta be quick to catch this but it does happen twice in the same scene.

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Larry, I thought so!! Wow, it's hard to believe that was what, two years ago?

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

Prof. G, I love what you wrote! I had the same thoughts, studying the movie. The maid is wonderful. That is so touching, how he hesitates going in, and glances at her.

That is heartwarming, about Sim being so well-liked. I love all your trivia!

Mary Kunz Goldman said...

And Mark, I will definitely look up that scene.Looking forward to seeing you over Christmas!!

Budd Bailey said...

Some probably looked at the picture on top of this blog and said, "Why is Mary writing about Chris Collins?" But you can insert any less-than-popular person in the punchline to good effect.