Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is a beautiful picture of a sunset I took the other night at Mickey Rats.

The sky looked interesting from the beach too.

I am catching up on pictures. This is me and my brother George and the handsome and very famous deejay Shane Brother Shane. This was from a couple of weeks ago. Before, I might add, I lost five pounds doing Zumba.

Another shot from Taste of Big Blue: George relaxing as Jane dines. At Taste of Blue we dine al fresco as Taste of Buffalo rages around us.

What else have I got? Here are my friends Jane, Melinda and Michelle in Michelle's garden. There is one friend of Leonard Pennario's who loves to see pictures of Michelle. Every time I show Michelle on the Web log he asks about her. This is for him!

Looking at a few weeks' worth of pictures makes me realize how my life is flying. Today I got the notice for the first Christmas CD. It is by the Anonymous 4! The CD is called "The Cherry Tree" after "The Cherry Tree Carol." The hype says it is for year-round listening but I doubt that.

I could not find a recording of the Anonymous 4 singing "The Cherry Tree Carol" but here is Joan Baez.

Christmas will be here before I know it.

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