Monday, July 12, 2010

A guest at Big Blue

Above is a picture of me in front of Big Blue during Taste of Buffalo which was going on just a few feet in front of me. I am in the exalted company of my new friend Shane. It is Shane, Brother Shane! He is a famous rock deejay.

In the 1970s Shane's voice was heard up and down the Eastern seaboard on WKBW. My brother used to sneak off and listen to him because we were not allowed to listen to rock.

We could listen only to classical music which is why now, look at me, I am writing the authorized biography of Leonard Pennario. I worked three hours on it tonight!

But Shane and I still managed to find things to talk about. And thank God for that, because Shane has a beautiful voice. It kind of rolls out of his mouth. And he says things in beautiful ways. You can hear clips of Shane here on a page created in homage to him by our WBEN-AM friend Steve Cichon. It is great art!

When I was talking with Shane I was fascinated by how he knows all the timing of different songs, down to the second. He knows which songs are 1 minute 40 seconds and which are 1 minute 41 seconds. It is amazing to think about.

Perhaps when I am through writing about Pennario I will write a book about Shane.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I always liked Shane. I've wondered what became of him.

Larry said...

Great picture!