Saturday, August 7, 2010

Limbo low!

The Leonard Pitts column today made me so mad. I am so tired of being told I am a bigot and evil because I am religious, you know? Because I am Catholic.

There are so many flaws in his logic it is pathetic. Plus, why don't people pick on someone else?

How about the Muslim extremists who are trying to kill us?

He sets the bar low for journalists, that is for sure.

Speaking of setting the bar low, I was working and working all week on the book and last night I had to get out of the house so I went Zumba dancing and then I went to our local limbo bar and watched limbo.

I went with my friend Jane and our friend Mylous, both pictured here.

Mylous is a TV anchor and people kept wanting to get their picture taken with him. Ha, ha! I had to tease him. I leaned over to him and shouted into his ear over the band, "Mylous Hairston, Superstar!" Mylous is such a sweet person and he was laughing.

We have a girl here in Buffalo who is trying for the Guinness Book of Records limbo record and she is practicing and we went to cheer her on. She got down to eight and a half inches!

This girl was unbelievable. We just sat there at a front table unashamedly gawking. She was blindfolded when she went limbo-ing under the stick and she held trays of things in her arms too.

It would have been perfect but for one thing. My former roommate Daryle was not with me. When Daryle and I and our friend Jack shared an apartment on Delavan we used to have limbo parties. At one of them people had taken the banister off the staircase and were using it as a limbo stick. At about 4 a.m. the landlady showed up screaming.

Ha, ha! That is another aspect of my life I never told Leonard Pennario about. But you know what, I'll bet he would have thought it was funny. I would imagine that Pennario watched a limbo dancer or two in his life.

Next time Daryle and his wife Lisa come to Buffalo they will accompany us to the limbo bar where the limbo dancers perform every Friday. It is Mickey Rats on the beach!

In addition to limbo-ing the limbo dancing champ was also a contortionist.

When she got down to business with the limbo-ing the whole steel drum band lined up behind her and created this unbelievable cacophony with thundering drums. Here she is blindfolded, going under the bar.

Afterward there was a triumphant chorus of "YMCA."

A most edifying and entertaining evening.

I return to work with a clear head.


Larry said...

Wow! That cleared your head? lol

I had better not comment on the other.

Prof. G said...

Comment works?

Prof. G said...

Comment works!! Figured it out...for now.