Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dressed for success

Last night we went to a party at my friend Gary's house. Above is a picture of Howard in the driveway.

Howard's relentlessly formal attire is beginning to bother people. At Gary's it bothered lounge sensation Guy Boleri.

Guy said: "I'm going to take a scissors and cut that tie off him!"

Howard was wearing the pinstriped suit he wore when we got married and he also had on one of Leonard Pennario's ties.

Here is a picture of Guy at the party. He is at the extreme right next to our friend Gary. This is a rare picture in which Guy is not showing his discomfort with Howard's suits.

A group shot!

Our friend Lou.

Notice the stellar surroundings in which we socialized. It explains why Gary's house was chosen not long ago as The Buffalo News' Home of the Month.

All right, the day is flying. It flieth, as I put it a few days back. It is a rainy day which means it is perfect for work. I like days like this.

I must away and get some work done.

I must make hay while the sun does not shine!

1 comment:

Bingles said...

I love Howard's over-dressing! It's a great way to rebel against the over-casualness of most people.

If Howard ever goes out in public wearing pajama pants... I will know the end of time is near. :)