Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday I investigated the Zumba craze and took a Zumba class. Well, I am sure it is a craze no longer. Fads are always old by the time they get to Buffalo.

Didn't the Washington Post write six months ago that Latin dancing was out while Latin Mass is in?

Well, whatever. All I want to do is burn calories and I think Zumba will be a nice way to do that. Even when you are sweating up a storm, your brain classifies dancing as fun, not work. It always amazes me how seldom gyms and exercise gurus capitalize on this phenomenon. They are always throwing miserable galley-slave stuff at you like Boot Camp and kickboxing and spinning and squats and lunges. And believe me, that clock creeps.

In the Zumba class the time flew. You are just so busy trying to follow the steps, which I am not naturally good at, and improving your performance, and laughing. They do not take steps slow so people like me catch on. They just throw them at you! And this is a funny thing, the teacher, whose name is Holly, is the most tattooed woman in the world. She is even tattooed up and down her legs! So you are watching these tattooed legs and trying to keep up.

Which, as I said, is not easy for me! Here I am this German with no sense of Latin rhythm. I must have been pretty entertaining! I was the nearest to the glass door which opens up into the cardio room, into an area where people go to stretch. I kept catching guys from the cardio room stretching out their stretches so they could watch me Zumba.

There is a funny thing about me in that I do not get tired. Howard says I am like a freak.I get tired running or jogging after just a few minutes. But give me something low impact, like swimming or walking or cross-country skiing or biking or dancing, and I will just go forever. I do not know what it is like to get tired in those situations.

Ha, ha! It is like my book on Leonard Pennario. I just go working on it into eternity. I never get tired!

So this was this dream for me, this Zumba class, because it was like being in a bar dancing except you did not need anyone to dance with you and you did not have to go sit down because someone else got tired. The other people in the class began dropping like flies but me, I just Zumba-ed on and on.

There is just one problem with this Zumba situation. I can see getting into the swing of it and then it will be gone.

It is too good to be true!

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Larry said...

And to think... I am all excited about getting my new treadmill, lol!