Sunday, June 20, 2010

Amherst treasure hunt

The estate sales and garage sales my mom and I went to this weekend were pretty substandard. There was a brief shower which rained out most of the garage sales. And the one estate sale we went to was pathetic.


A church sale at the Amherst Community Church yielded summer treasures.

The Amherst Community Church is where my friend Scott Thomas is the minister. I used to work with him on the copy desk of The Buffalo News. He was my boss. There is one story that sums up Scott Thomas' greatness which I will now tell. Once we had an earthquake. All our desks and computers shook and then it was quiet because no one had ever been through an earthquake before and no one knew what to say.

Then Scott spoke.

"Cool," he said.

Ha, ha! I loved that. I was sort of hoping Scott would be around at this church sale but he was not. There were a bunch of church ladies officiating and they took about a year to add up your purchases and check you out. It was a sweet scene, really. I was thinking this has to be a comparatively cushy job, being the pastor of this church. It is in a leafy suburb. The living is easy.

It is no wonder that I found such sunny and summery things.

I bought the candle thingie at the top of this post. It is a big plastic hand-painted globe and a tea light fits perfectly inside. Howard and I dined tonight out on the porch with this candle thingie which cost 50 cents.

Next there are the His n' Hers bug mugs. They were 10 cents each.

Zut alors, this picture is out of focus! Well, what do you expect before coffee. The bug mugs made their debut this morning. I chose the one with the lady bugs. That is mine! And I gave Howard the one with the bees. Howard failed to notice the bug mugs As if every man is lucky enough to awaken to two brand-new coffee mugs with pictures of bees and ladybugs.

And lastly...

... there were no Leonard Pennario records at this church sale. The members of the Amherst Community Church are hanging on to their Pennario records. But there was this record by the Melachrino Strings. Remember them? It was a quarter.

I have a feeling these purchases will be part of my summer backdrop the way my Candle-Lite Candles were part of my winter backdrop.

Thank you, Amherst Community Church!


Bingles said...

Are you converting? I would miss you. :)

Larry said...

My 'project' is finished and I am back, lol.

NTW, that LP link above took me to the 'Classical Brit Awards' page.

Larry said...

Another thing (with hind-sight). See what happens when you talk about earthquakes? Had you not talked about one, it might never have happened in the future (see 24th). Bet you had a subliminal belief ti would happen again? lol