Monday, June 21, 2010

TV head

While I have been at my desk slaving away chronicling Leonard Pennario, Howard has been making television appearances. They are pursuant to his involvement with Channel 2's weather balloon. Howard's company ...

... provided the GPS that helped Buffalo celebrity weatherman Andy Parker find the balloon.

Wow, that picture brings back memories. We had to get up at 4 a.m. the day of the weather balloon launch. We were rubbing our eyes and drinking coffee. For a while we lost the GPS signal and I had to pray to St. Anthony to get it back. Howard did not know I prayed to St. Anthony but I did. He finds things with Covert GPS Vehicle Tracking. I find things with Covert Prayers to St. Anthony. Anyway it was a tense morning! But it was fun. Looking back, anyway, it was fun.

A portrait of Howard, left, with Andy Parker.

Ha, ha! Someone on Facebook pointed out that Howard looks as if he is Andy Parker's boss. It is the way he is sitting and the suit he is wearing.

The megalomaniac is on the screen at left.

I am just kidding about the megalomaniac.

I am proud!

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Larry said...

That is indeed something to be proud of. I had a wonderful time that day and remember it well. It was amazing to me to see that stuff in action, the car's speed and the detail of the landscape. It was fascinating. I stayed with it until both cars were back at the station and parked in the lot!
Also enjoyed the included tour of the area with the zoomable map. Awesome job, Howard!