Friday, July 31, 2009

The slug from Elba

It is no pleasure to write this but the grossest thing has happened. I found a slug on my kitchen counter!

These are the wages of buying organic produce, remember, from that farm in Elba. That slug came all the way from Elba!

Christmas, why don't they just use pesticides?

I would rather they use pesticides than I find a slug on my kitchen counter. You should have seen this slug. It was sitting there squirming and curling up and then stretching out and then curling up again. I was so horrified all I could do for a minute was stand there and stare. Then I had the presence of mind to take the picture above.

In its defense it least the slug from Elba did not yell: "Omigod, your butt is hanging out!"

But it did everything else you would think a slug would do.

In situations like this I always remember the worm that turned up in San Diego and grossed out me and Leonard Pennario. I cannot even imagine telling him about this slug. Which, I would have told him, if he were still around. He was tremendous and sympathetic in situations like that.

Because of that worm story I think of Pennario when gross things happen to me and it makes me smile. Sometimes it makes me smile anyway. I did not do much smiling in that slug situation.

What if I awoke and a schuft were sitting on my counter?

What if an oik were there? Oik is one of my favorite new words. My friend Rob loves it too. Whenever we are together we use the word oik.

Mayhap I should count my blessings.

Things could have been a lot worse.

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Larry said...

Things could have been worse? Well, I suppose so. What if you had found half of him after chomping into the sourdough bread? Now that would have been worse!